For Professional Colon Hydrotherapy hydro-san-plusHydro San Plus instruments are the culmination of over 20 years experience and their commitment to safety, quality, and dependability. Innovations developed by Specialty Health Products, Inc have raised standards in the profession and have become the industry standard for modern colon hydrotherapy.

Features Include:

  • Low volume/low pressure administration
  • Water temperature and pressure control
  • Built-in instrument disinfection system
  • Isolated electrical components
  • Medical grade components
  • Stainless steel case design
  • Individual disposable speculum and tubing in a germicidal pack

Commitment to innovation and quality have earned the Hydro San Plus the reputation of being the finest instruments available for the administration of colon hydrotherapy.

Hydro San Plus instruments are manufactured in accordance with FDA and ISO standards for medical devices. Purchases of these instruments in the USA must be accompanied by a prescription from a physician or licensed healthcare professional.



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